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A history and tradition

Surströmming: A Time-Honored Swedish Tradition and Where to Buy Surströmming

Surströmming, a cherished Swedish tradition, has captivated palates for generations. This culinary staple, known for its distinct taste, dates back to the 16th century when fermenting herring was a widespread method for preserving fish. The journey of surströmming from a household staple to a commercially marketed product is steeped in history and tradition.

Initially, surströmming was preserved in wooden barrels, a method that ensured a consistent supply of fish throughout the year for many Swedish families. It wasn’t until the 19th century that the modern canning process was adopted, transforming surströmming into a widely recognized commercial product.

Today, the process of making surströmming begins with the catching of herring in the brisk waters of April or May. The herring is then immersed in a potent salt solution for about 20 hours, followed by a period of storage in a milder brine. This meticulous process culminates in the canning stage, where the herring continues to ferment, developing its unique flavor profile.

For those interested in experiencing this unique aspect of Swedish culinary heritage, buying surströmming is now more accessible than ever. Authentic surströmming can be purchased online from reputable Swedish suppliers, allowing gourmets and curious food enthusiasts around the world to savor this traditional Swedish delicacy. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to surströmming, these online platforms offer a convenient way to buy surströmming and enjoy a taste of Swedish history.

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Röda Ulven Surströmming

Röda ulven Surströmming

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Buy Surströmming Online: A Global Gateway to Swedish Delicacy

Are you on the hunt to buy surströmming, the renowned Swedish specialty? While finding surströmming locally can be a challenge outside of Sweden, our online platform bridges this gap, offering authentic surströmming from genuine Swedish suppliers. We are passionate about bringing this unique delicacy to connoisseurs and curious food enthusiasts worldwide, simplifying the process to buy surströmming no matter where you are.

In Sweden, surströmming is abundantly available, but for those in the US, UK, or other parts of the world, acquiring this specialty can be a daunting task. Recognizing this, we’ve streamlined a solution to make buying surströmming a hassle-free experience. Our commitment extends to ensuring smooth shipping and payment processes, accommodating customers globally.

Our service is not just about providing surströmming; it’s about sharing a piece of Swedish heritage. Whether you’re a seasoned surströmming lover or eager to try this unique delicacy for the first time, we ensure that surströmming is accessible to everyone, everywhere. Embrace the taste of Sweden from the comfort of your home and join the global community of surströmming enthusiasts. Buy surströmming from us, and discover why this Swedish delicacy is celebrated around the world.

More about our surströmming products

Oskars Surströmming 300g: A Taste of Tradition and Excellence

Discover the exquisite taste of Oskars Surströmming, a premium Swedish delicacy that has been delighting taste buds since 1955. Originating from a quaint Swedish village, Oskars Surströmming was the brainchild of Oskar Söderström. His relentless pursuit of perfection led to the creation of a unique fermented herring recipe, which quickly gained popularity not only in Sweden but across the globe.

We are proud to offer the iconic Oskars Surströmming, our most sought-after product, featuring 300g of top-quality fermented herring. Each can is packed with 5-7 meticulously prepared herrings, ensuring a rich and authentic flavor experience. Oskars Surströmming stands as a testament to Swedish culinary heritage, embodying the finest in fermentation craftsmanship.

For enthusiasts and newcomers alike, Oskars Surströmming is an unmissable opportunity to indulge in a beloved Swedish tradition. Whether you’re looking to savor it solo or share with friends, our convenient multi-can discounts make it easier and more affordable to buy Oskars Surströmming. Experience the most popular fermented herring in Sweden and beyond. Dive into the world of Oskars Surströmming and treat yourself to a can (or more) of this exceptional Swedish delicacy.

Oskars Surstromming 300g x2

We also offer a package with 2 cans of Oskars Surströmming which gives you a discount. So you can enjoy more of the swedish delicacy at a lower price per can. Every can contains 5-7 fermented herrings.

Oskars Surströmming 300g x3

We also offer a package with 3 cans of Oskars Surströmming which gives you a great discount. So you can enjoy more of the swedish delicacy at a lower price per can. Every can contains 5-7 fermented herrings.

Kallax surströmming fillets 300g

Kallax is a classic provider of Surströmming from the swedish region norrbotten. They have made fermented herring since 1948. This can contain filleted surstromming which makes it easier to eat since you don’t have to gut them yourself. This makes it so that you can eat them right away. However, some say that the taste from these filleted fermented herrings is a little bit less rich but you have to find out yourself.

Kallax surströmming300g

This is whole fermented herrings from kallax. This surstromming is made in the northern parts of Sweden which is what gives it its special taste. These are whole and has a very intense taste.

Röda Ulven Surströmming: A Premium Choice for Surströmming Enthusiasts
Embark on a culinary journey with Röda Ulven Surströmming, renowned as one of the finest surströmming manufacturers in Sweden. This exquisite delicacy, caught and meticulously prepared in Örnsköldsvik, represents the pinnacle of Swedish surströmming craftsmanship. Röda Ulven’s dedication to quality has earned it a revered status among surströmming connoisseurs, both in Sweden and internationally.
Each can of Röda Ulven Surströmming is a treasure trove of flavor, containing 5-7 pieces of the finest fermented herring. These carefully prepared herrings are more than just food; they are a celebration of Swedish tradition and culinary expertise. Whether you’re a seasoned surströmming aficionado or a curious foodie, Röda Ulven offers an unparalleled taste experience.
If you’re seeking truly exceptional surströmming, look no further than Röda Ulven. This brand embodies the essence of Swedish heritage and is a must-try for anyone looking to explore the world of surströmming. Experience the best of Swedish gastronomy by choosing Röda Ulven Surströmming. It’s not just a meal; it’s a journey through the rich flavors and traditions of Sweden.